Baccara Card Game Basics

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Baccara Basics and Simple Rules

Baccara Card Game BasicsThe winner at the game of baccara is simply the player holding a hand with the highest score up to 9. When both the player and the banker score the same, the game is replayed.

Card Game Basics: Baccara Winnings

Winning players receive their winnings from the banker, paid out at odds of evens. Alternatively, the winning banker collects all of the losing bets from the players, deducts 5 percent commission for the casino, and then adds the remaining collected money to the bank.

Card Game Basics: Baccara Banker

In the case of a baccara banker winning, they may choose to either keep control of the bank or pass it on. Control of the bank is always passed to players on the right of the banker, although players may choose to decline the role of banker. It is generally sensible to keep control of the bank if possible, since the casino house advantage for the banker is slightly lower than the baccara players, meaning that the casino makes more profit from the players than the banker.

Card Game Basics: Objectives / Playing the Game

The main objective when playing the game of baccara is to use a minimum of two cards, and a maximum of no more than three cards, to try and total a score closest to 9. In baccara, the highest possible score is 9 and the lowest score is 0. Players are always trying to beat the bankers hand.


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